I Am Visualizer ( Film Post - Production Hub )

I Am visualizer Film - Post Production Hub was established with the aim of ensuring quality productions in the field of film post production to provide employment opportunities for emerging people in the multi-media production industry.

Ansar Majeed is creative head / chief editor at weva photography, one of the leading wedding media production companies in South India. Pan India, the production hub is in the direct role of an associate to various film, wedding and advertising studios in providing quality editing and releases.

‘I AM VISUALIZER is a POST PRODUCTION HUB mainly provides ‘Hands – On Training’ for those students, whoever had completed their Multimedia Course from various Universities, students are offered with a stipend to work with Ansar Majeed on Wedding, Documentary, Advertising and Short Films to the subtle and detailed aspects of editing and the various areas of post-production. A one year Video Editing Course is available for the desirable and for the competent, a better opportunity is availed with a stipend to work with Ansar Majeed.

Our Services

As a complete post production hub, we offer VISUAL MEDIA-based services, and I Am Visualizer (Film Post - Production Hub) has been in the industry successfully for several years, We had served the industry remarkably with utmost standards and quality, in accomplishing the post production requirements of our valuable clients around the world, especially for those companies or individuals interested looking forth eagerly, in terms of absolute novelty and perfect visualization.


Professional videographers are the basic and invincible component in making a good video. If you have the knowledge and skills you could be the better part of the same. There are many types of videographers around us. If you would like to be the best and outstanding, ‘I Am VISUALIZER’ will help you to develop as a wholesome and seasoned videographer with our best deliveries in capturing HD High quality of professional video.

Video Editing

If you would like to present your videos to a reach of high definitions and outstanding quality as specked in featured films, you definitely need to have an array of highly competent editors in your professional band. The quality of editing and management of high quality video files in Raw and Log format depends on the quality of editing system too. Only a team comprises and comprehends your aptitude and skills can cast you for the purpose. There we are, ‘I AM VISUALIZER’ provides you with enormous and varied schemas for your learning and developments.


As of today, colour grading is an inseparable part of video editing and thus being an essential part of the Visual Media and at various stages of post-production. The professionals are very essential to the completeness of its quality assured production that are capable of rendering their services in the arena of video editing and colour grading.


Visual Effects (VFX) is used to incorporate addendum by artificial means whichever weren’t possible during a real-time shooting. I Am Visualizer (Film Post - Production Hub) also offer solutions in VFX technology.

Music Production

Any video film comes to life when it comes to sound and music. As of today, Music companies even claim for the copyright for songs / background scoring. I Am Visualizer (Film Post - Production Hub) can help you to acquire the music required throughout all ventures.

Graphic Designing

There are many possibilities of graphic designing: LOGO making, poster design, wedding album design and hoarding. I AM VISUALIZER POST PRODUCTION HUB is the ideal solution for any kind of graphic design job.

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