Learn Video Editing

‘Wedding Video Editing’ is a process to visualize the continuity and story of a motion picture captured using video cameras. Throughout the process, enhancements and eliminations are carried on, as wherever required. Previously special machineries and experts to specific areas were used to be a part of this process. With the advent of computers, various video editing soft- wares are widespread. Presently, Video editors are especially trained to use the software effectively and technically throughout the process of video editing. With a global perspective, Video Editors' Work Desks are enormous with Production & Media houses, Film studios, Animation Studios and Wedding Movie Editing Industry. The prevailing global trend of ‘Working from Home’ had brought a great demand and more opportunities for video editors to work for online channels and videos. We welcome you all; to ‘I AM VISUALIZER’.


Video Tutorials

Non-linear editing or digital video editing is an essential part of today's digital world. No formal education or qualification is required to enter this profession. Knowledge of basic computer systems, software and programme, as well as an interest in the visual and auditory arts, is the basic competency criterion for video editing. What students need to do is to focus more on their own talents on visualization and then the editing.
Video Editing courses are very popular today. But beginners may be skeptical about which to choose. Our Video tutorials are also ready so that you can practice Visual Media courses at home without depending on anyone else. You can take that as the first step of your learning initiative. The video tutorial consists of Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro and ‘Adobe - After Effects’.

Our Courses

Video Editing Courses are categorized into three main categories: 1 Year Course, Internship and One Day Class, as per the requirement of the students.

Video Editing Course – One Year

The Video Editing Course is designed and scheduled for a year. The Video Editing Course enables students to learn the more subtle and detailed aspects of video editing and performs extra ‘Hands –On Training Sessions’. The One Year Video Editing Course is conducted in batches under the guidance of highly competent trainers. The competent students who are completing a one year video editing course are also offered a stipend with the affiliate company 'I AM VISUALIZER POST PRODUCTION HUB'.



We invite Multimedia Graduates, which gives you an opportunity to work with ‘I AM VISUALIZER POST PRODUCTION HUB for short tenures. The production hub mainly provide ‘Hands – On Training’ on Wedding Films, Documentary Films, Advertising Films and Short Films to the subtle and detailed aspects of editing and the various areas of post-production.

One Day Class

‘One Day Class’ is a day’s program led by Ansar Majeed, the leading wedding film editor in South India. The expertise will deliver you the basics of WEDDING STORY MAKING, WEDDING STORY EDITING and the workflow of various steps from copying footage to the editing table until the completion, which is exporting. The color grading in ‘DAVINCI RESOLVE’, the operation of ‘LOG FILES’, the various steps and its sequence, from copying footage to the editing table until exporting it are discussed. Most video editing techniques, tips and effects are shown live. The customer care approaches, analyzing the customer requirements, approaching workplace stress, and fiscal planning is also included in the session


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